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Piyadas Sri Swarna Arch is the newest Arch constructed on the entrance of the Nallathanni to the secret area of the Sri Pada. The Arch is the phenomenon figure of the entrance of ancient temples. The Piyadas Sri Swarna Arch was constructed with the financial donation of two brothers, namely Mr. Pushpasiri Liyanage and Mr. Nalin Liyanage in remembrance of their parents who were the donors to construct the first 20 steps of Sri Pada in 1980s.

N S Associates carried out the structural design of the Arch in accordance with the accepted guidelines of the Road Development Authority since the arch is situated across a national highway of Sri Lanka.

The overall height of the Arch is 15.25m and its width is 15.25m. As per the guidelines of the Road Development Authority, the clear height of the Arch is 7.3m and clear width of the Arch is 9.3m where two-way traffic of any accepted motor vehicle can be accommodated under the Arch. The Construction of the Arch commenced on September 2019 and completed the project on April 2021 though the Covid-19 pandemic was badly affected the progress.

Either side of the Arch was supported with six columns with intermittent slabs and the top slab of the Arch was strengthened with three upstand beams. All the curves and shapes were constructed with Grade 30 concrete to bare the vibrations.


Nallathanni Sri Pada , Sri Lanka


June 2019 – April 2021


Sri Pada Rajamaha Viharaya

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Eng. Sameera Priyanath
Structural Engineer

Mr. Chaminda
Chief Sculptor

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