iRoads of Kalutara District Package 6

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iRoads of Kalutara District Package 6

Improvement and Rehabilitation of Rural Roads of Kalutara District Package 6

The Government of Sri Lanka is implementing the Integrated Road Investment Program (iRoad) to improve the connectivity between rural communities and socioeconomic centers by improving the transport efficiency on selected national, provincial and local roads through the financial arrangements of Asian Development Bank (ADB). Under the iRoad Program, around 3750km of rural roads in Eastern, Northern, Western and Uva province will be improved / rehabilitated and maintained for three years through 53 civil works contracts.

Three Project Implementation Consultants (PIC) teams will be recruited for project implementation including construction supervision, supervision of post construction maintenance work and contract management. The Ministry of Roads and Highways is the executing agency, and the Road Development Authority (RDA) is the implementing agency

KL 6 package develops 76km of roads across the Kalutara district


Kalutara, Sri Lanka


2020 July – On going


Luxman Metal Crushers & Enterprises

Services of the Company

Survey works including GPS points, topographic surveys, setting out of design center line, mapping of initial cross sections along the design center line. Highway designs including pavement designs and geometric designs, preparation of design cross sections.

Structural designs for bridges, culverts, retaining walls and other structural elements.


Eng. Sameera Priyanath
Senior Structural Design Engineer

Eng. L.D.A.S. Rupasinghe
Pavement Design Engineer

Eng. Ruwan Thilanka
Highway Design Engineer

Eng. Dhanuka Lahiru
Structural Engineer

Eng. Dasun Tharaka
Highway Design Engineer

Licensed Surveyor

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