Ganewalpola – Dachchihalmillewa Road (B133)

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Ganewalpola – Dachchihalmillewa Road (B133)

Rehabilitation, Improvement and Maintenance of Ganewalpola – Dachchihalmillewa Road (B133) (15+300 km to 30+600 km)

Ganewalpola – Dachchihalmillewa Road (B133) is a 45km road that connects Anuradhapura district to the Trincomalee district. The completion of the rehabilitation works of this road will facilitate the community who resides in Eastern province of the country to the North Central province and North Western Province through Kekirawa and Thalawa. Therefore, future increase of the traffic flow enables the community of Galenbidunuwewa city which is the main city on which the road runs through to enhance their economic and social wellbeing.

The rehabilitation and Improvement activities (the works) will include but not limited to the following:

  • Site Clearing and Excavation;
  • Road formation improvement;
  • Sub Base construction, Dense Graded Aggregate Base complete with Asphalt Concrete overlay;
  • Drainage construction / improvements;
  • Culvert rehabilitation/extension and construction;
  • Relocation of utilities
  • Provision of Facilities for the Engineer/Employer.

Performance Based Road Maintenance Works shall mainly consist of maintenance activities necessary for keeping the Road in compliance with specified Performance or Service Levels.


Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


2021 May – On going


WKK Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd

Services of the Company

All the Design Work of Highways including pavement designs and geometric designs.

Hydrological Study for the Flood Prone Sections.

Designs of Road Structures including retaining walls, bridges and culverts.

Designs of road signs and lane marking including designs of road furniture.


Eng. Sameera Priyanath
Senior Structural Engineer

Eng. M.S. Wijenanda
Pavement Design Engineer

Eng. Prabhath Ransara
Hydrological Specialist

Eng. Ruwan Thilanka
Highway Design Engineer

Eng. Dhanuka Lahiru
Structural Engineer

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