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We assist you at every step from conceptualization to final delivery in the realization of your projects. 

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Design Progress Monitoring System

The monitoring system of the design progress ensures that the status of the design work could be monitored by the client and the project officials. The achievement of each milestone will be signaled by the monitoring mechanism and the progress shall be compared against the base value agreed in the commencement of the project. Therefore, the stakeholders of the project could continue the planned activities in a smooth manner and it will benefit to arrange the priorities of the project based on the employer’s requirements. 

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Why choose us for your projects

N S Associates follows management systems, which ensures that the objectives of the projects are being completely achieved within the framework agreed in the commencement. Therefore, the company assigned a separate design staff comprised of experienced senior engineers and energetic young engineering graduates for the period of the design stage.  

N S Associates intends to set up a dedicated project office in the site in addition to the Colombo head office since it strengthens the process of achieving the project objectives and quick responds to the on-site clarifications and requirements of the employer. In addition to the permanent senior staff, N S Associates assigns a dedicated team of engineers and other experts to projects to ensure the focus of each project. 


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